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Slay Queen Who Had Liposuction & Now In Pain Advices Girls To Love Themselves How They Are (VIDEO)



Slay Queen

Slay Queen – We have chanced upon a video of a slay queen who went under the knife to enhance her physical features.

The lady is known in Instagram with the handle, @missrfabulous and making her post, she shared her daily ordeal after the surgery.

She stated in her post that she has regretted enhancing her body since she is now facing the consequences of her actions.

Sharing the photo, she wrote;

“Today marks a whole 1 year since I’ve been dealing with major complications and pains due to doing surgery in turkey my biggest regret is doing a BBL. ( 1 week of being in hospital) this is something that I have to live with and see everyday
Believe it or not I have lost so much confidence within myself during lockdown not being able to go gym has I struggle to work out at home has caused me me to put on weight and it’s just gotten even worst
I can’t help but think to myself why did I do this man smh it wasn’t worth it at all.

I used to look at pictures of models on Instagram and wished I looked that way. I was so lazy to get my ass in the gym and do it the right way. I deal with trolls and people attacking me for my thigh any chance they get. It took me so long to accept my new appearance and how my thigh looks I had to accept the changes. Losing confidence and self love within myself lead to me wanting validation from others I completely forgot who I was before I done this.
and if I can change minds and young women from wanted to do this I will forever tell my story.
yes I was admitted to hospital recently for my thigh because I couldn’t walk or move my leg it completely stop I was meant to do surgery but God came through for me I wasn’t pregnant and they wasn’t gonna remove my leg ( put those rumours to bed ) I just didn’t want anyone to know.

But moral of the story love yourself and if your not happy with your body look at my pictures and I hope you think twice before doing anything you will regret.
I gotta live with this and I regret it everyday been so used to having a thigh like this can’t believe today makes a year 💔🤯 #bblturkey #bbloggersuk #bblrecovery #loveyourself”

Slay Queen

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Kanye West Asks for Joint Custody in Divorce Case from Kim Kardashian(Photo)




Kanye West has asked for joint legal and physical custody of his kids as he divorces Kim Kardashian

– The rapper is very fond of his children and would like to see them as often as possible, so he is going to co-parent

Social media users reacted to the news that Kanye is looking for joint custody and not paying spousal support

US rapper Kanye West does not play with his children., he has asked for joint legal and physical custody of his children as he goes through his divorce from reality star Kim Kardashian.

The former couple has said in the past that they have committed themselves to co-parenting their children.

Kanye West

Kanye West is doesn’t want to pay spousal support and wants joint custody of his kids. Image: Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE Source: UGC

Joint custody doesn’t mean that it’s going to be a 50/50 split, Kim will probably still have the kids most of the time.

Kanye is also not planning on paying spousal support, neither does Kim because they feel that they are both well off and don’t need to do so.

There probably won’t be an issue with dividing their assets because they both signed a prenuptial agreement. Social media users reacted to the information coming to light about Kanye’s requests as he gets divorced.

Check out the reactions below:

@bkvalsvig said: “They have 4 small children, it’s so sad, they always supported each other and now can’t seem to find their way back together.”

@JamalLannister commented: “They’re both billionaires so let them fight it out.”

@_derrickduncan_ said: “Good for Kanye.” previously reported that a Kanye West documentary is in the works and fans are excited about it.

American rapper Kanye West has a documentary coming up soon and it will be streamed on Netflix later this year.

The documentary will feature footage that has never been seen before of Kanye West making music.

Kanye West Asks for Joint Custody in Divorce Case from Kim Kardashian

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Bawo Ni? Hollywood’s Wesley Snipes Speaks Yoruba as He Hangs out with Ben Murray-Bruce 




– Ben Bruce and Hollywood actor Wesley Snipes were recently spotted together abroad

– The Coming to America actor teasingly exchanged pleasantries in the Yoruba language

– Snipes also called on Nigerians to make sure they support Bruce in all of his endeavours

Ex-lawmaker Ben Murray-Bruce has humoured members of the internet community with a recent video post on his official Instagram page.

The politician and business magnate was spotted hanging out with Hollywood actor, Wesley Snipes. The two appeared to have visited a chill spot together and they couldn’t help but film a short video for their fans.


Wesley Snipes hangs out with Ben Bruce. Photo: @benmbruce Source: Instagram

In the opening part of the clip, the Coming to America actor teasingly exchanged pleasantries in Yoruba. Snipes said “bawo ni?” which means “how are you?” in Yoruba.

This was followed by the movie star giving a shout-out to his fans in Nigeria. He also called on every one of them to make sure that they throw their support behind the politician in whatever he embarks upon.

In another portion of the video, Murray-Bruce also hailed the Hollywood star as a warlord, to which the actor quickly added that he’s a cool type of warlord.

The senator also disclosed that he has some upcoming projects with the actor and the announcement would be made public soon. Check out the video below:

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Ben Murray-Bruce (@benmbruce)

As expected, fans were spotted in the comment section with mixed reactions. Read what some of them had to say below: filmarkproductionsltd:

“Nice one senator.”

fashioneditme said:

“Ok o Wesley Ifeanyi Snipes.”

swizzboi said: “We have a lot of scrubbing to do.”

janedulen said: “Beautiful. ❤️ The African Gods, Kings, Princes are rising up . Owning their craft etc. God Bless you Westley Snipes.”

izacofficial said: “Come and join his campaign team.”

Weeks ago, reported that Murray-Bruce took to his Twitter account to share some photos with Snipes in Los Angeles.

The ex-lawmaker, in the post, announced that they had entered a business partnership to make great movies.

He said: “In Los Angeles with Wesley Snipes, @wesleysnipes, star of Coming 2 America and other blockbusters. We’ve just set up a new partnership to manufacture great movies. This is phenomenal and will be a big one for Hollywood and Nollywood.”

Bawo Ni? Hollywood’s Wesley Snipes Speaks Yoruba as He Hangs out with Ben Murray-Bruce

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If religion was something good the Western invaders wouldn’t have brought it to us – Actor Ugezu Ugezu




ugezu co 1

Popular Nollywood Actor Ugezu Ugezu has opined that religion wouldn’t have been brought to Africa by “Western invaders” if it was to benefit us.

The actor also alleged that these “Western invaders” are still hiding some important things from African till date.

He added that due to religion, brethren are still hating on their fellow brethren because of religious differences.

Actor wrote;

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If religion was something good the Western invaders wouldn’t have brought it to us – Actor Ugezu Ugezu

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