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Dispatch Rider Almost Gets Crushed By Truck Whiles Trying To Collect Money From Naira Marley In Traffic (Video)



Naira Marley In Traffic

Naira Marley In Traffic – A dispatch rider almost lost his life whiles trying to collect money from singer, Naira Marley in traffic.

In a video that is making rounds on social media, Naira Marley was seen, dashing out Naira notes to some riders who spotted him in his car in traffic.

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Whiles one rider was about to also collect his own share of the money, he, unfortunately, lost control and geared off his lane and almost entered under a truck.

Luckily, the truck was not moving as it was also standing in traffic, which is what saved the lives of the rider and another person, who was also sitting on the motor.

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Naira Marley, who saw the almost fatal accident, was heard shouting on top of his voice, asking his driver to stop and he kept shouting, urging the rider to be fast and pick his motorbike as the traffic light was on red.

It is however unclear the exact amount of money the singer was giving out.

Naira Marley In Traffic – Watch the video below…

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