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Cristiano Ronaldo’s rape accuser demands £56m



Cristiano Ronaldo’s rape accuser Cristiano Ronaldo’s rape accuserKathryn Mayorga, is demanding £56million in damages, the UK Mirror reports.

Newly released court’s documents show the former model is seeking the money after accusing the Juventus forward of sexually assaulting her in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2009.

Kathryn wants £18m for “past pain and suffering”, £18m for “future pain and suffering” and another £18m in punitive damages.

The 37-year-old’s expenses add up to £1.4m with legal fees of £1.1m, giving a total of £56.5m, which is equal to two years of Ronaldo’s salary.

Ronaldo has vigorously denied Mayorga’s claims.

In 2010, she accepted around £270,000 as part of an out-of-court non-disclosure settlement.

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But three years ago, Mayorga filed a civil lawsuit, claiming she had been “mentally incapacitated” when she agreed to it and signed it under duress.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s rape accuser demands £56m

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