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Ban on Cryptocurrency: Leave Buhari alone, rescue Nigerian youth – Bamgbose tells Atiku



Ban on Cryptocurrency

National Coordinator, Concerned Advocates for Good Governance, CAGG, has told a former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to help rescue jobless youths in Nigerian rather than attacking the President Muhammadu Buhari government over the ban on Cryptocurrency in the country.

Following the Central Bank of Nigeria’s announcement of ban on Cryptocurrency in the country over the weekend, Atiku had lambasted the government for taking a decision geared towards closing the country’s economy instead of opening it.

Atiku pointed to the fact that the number one challenge facing youths in Nigeria is unemployment, adding that this is not even “a challenge, it is an emergency. It affects our economy and is exacerbating insecurity in the nation.”

But Bamgbose, a senior lawyer and politician, said that though Atiku has the rights to criticise Buhari’s ban of cryptocurrency, he urged the former VP to stop attacking the President without pragmatically coming to the rescue of the jobless youths in Nigeria.

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“Atiku has the financial capacity to improve the lots of many Nigerians. He should not wait to be made President of Nigeria before coming to the rescue of the jobless youths in Nigeria,” Bamgbose, a 2023 presidential hopeful told DAILY POST.

“Atiku is super rich, it’s incorrect to say that Atiku is a multi-billionaire, he is not, he is a trillionaire. He has the financial capacity and capability to minimize poverty in Nigeria.

“The truth is that Atiku has no moral right, to continue to attack Buhari on the issue of joblessness in the country, because Atiku is in position to help fight hunger, hardship and joblessness.

“He is not just a great politician but a technocrat of repute. Atiku has not done much to impress Nigerian youths that he will make a better President.

“Action they say speaks louder than voice. This is the best of time for him to tell Nigerian youths that he cares for them.

“Attacking Buhari is not the way out of joblessness, let him tell Nigerians his worth by coming with programs geared towards improving the welfare of the youths.

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“We have had enough of his attacks on the government, let him cone out of his shell and help Nigerian youths.

“The money he has should not only be for his family members. It’s time for him to show gratitude for the privilege of ruling Nigeria for 8 years with Pa Obasanjo.

“Let him revive the Atiku Care Foundation. Waiting till election time to start showing kindness is deception.

“Let him leave Dubai and come over to Nigeria to rescue the youths from hunger and hardship. He has no excuse whatsoever for not doing this.

“President Buhari will be happy to see Atiku moving from one state to the other commissioning projects executed by him as a person.

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“Attacking and faulting Buhari won’t put food on the table of the masses. If he can’t rise up to the occasion, let him stop faulting or attacking Buhari.

“He should leave that to the activists. I don’t expect Atiku to be an activist but a great philanthropist. The time to prove his worth is now.”

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